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Easternview Education Centre focuses on delivering quality education to allow people to learn more about Kinesiology for personal interest or professional development.  We have been teaching Kinesiology for over 15 years and over that time have seen a lot of development and research of this exciting natural therapy.  In particular, the incorporation of Neuro-Training techniques and philosophies which focus on the latest neurological research looking at how the brain functions and its effect on us and our ability to heal ourselves.  More recently, we have begun our own research into trauma and its effect on how we heal and recuperate as well as how we can move on in our lives.

Our training 

Students come to us for both personal interest in order to help their friends and family, as well as for professional training to become a natural therapist.  The Certificate course is effectively the same for both types of students, the main difference is the amount of study and assessment.  Students who come to learn more about kinesiology out of personal interest simply attend the face-to-face training.  Students who want the professional qualification complete assessments and extended studies to gain the necessary skills to become a practitioner and run their own kinesiology business.

Our campus 

In 2009 we established an alliance with the newly formed College of Neuro-Training by becoming an authorized trainer and campus for Wollongong and the NSW Southern Highlands.  The College of Neuro-Training is a Registered Training Organization accredited to deliver the
Certificate & Diploma Courses in Kinesiology, a government recognized national qualification.  As a campus of the College of Neuro-Training, Easternview Education Centre is able to deliver this qualification at a local level allowing students to train to become professional Kinesiologists. With plans to also incorporate the Diploma of Kinesiology, this alliance provides an exciting future for our Centre.

Our classes

We typically run courses over a Friday, Saturday and occasional Sunday which provides minimal disruption to students who have other work and family commitments.  Our class sizes have a maximum of ten but on average tend to be 4 to 6 people.  This results in better personal attention for our students and keeps the atmosphere friendly and relaxed.

Our trainers 

Valerie Walters is our principal trainer with over 15 years teaching experience and nearly 20 years as a kinesiology practitioner.  Valerie focuses predominantly on teaching the advanced subjects found in the diploma.  Nilva van Zeyl is a practitioner based in Moss Vale on the Southern Highlands and she teaches the
Certificate & Diploma Courses in Kinesiology in both Wollongong and Moss Vale.

Both trainers are committed to delivering high quality training and imparting the philosophy which underpins the course ensuring the training experience


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