Asea Cellular Health

Asea Cellular Health

Here’s the facts about Asea Cellular Health

Founded by Verdis & Tyler Norton  Company officially launched September 2010 Stabilized Bioactive Redox Signaling Molecules  Proven by 3rd party research Based in science Patented Open in 30+ countries.

Expanding Globally

$500 million to date
$80+ million in 2016
Debt Free
13 International Warehouses in place to serve various markets
Production done in house FDA registered GMP & NSF compliant Manufacturing Facility Annual production capacity $800 million in product annually Redox Certified by BioAgilytix Safe – no LD 50
Non toxic, no allergic reactions, no contraindications Native Bio Replenishment Category Creator Not nutrition, not a drug, not an herb, not a structured water, not salt water.

One of a kind, No competition post risk, pre momentum, 1 technology delivered 2 ways inside out and outside in
1 technology tapping 3 trillion $ markets anti aging, athletic performance and health & wellness. Positively effects the fittest of the fit to the sickest of the sick shared by word of mouth. Allows the average person to build a huge business with very little up front investment Replenishes Redox Signaling Molecules that improve cellular communication so that the body can the message or the signal about which cells are healthy and which cells are unhealthy.

The healthy cells are protected and the unhealthy cells are repaired or replaced. This is the science of healing. Improves antioxidant efficiency by 500-800% Decreases oxidative stress, Decreases wrinkles, fine lines, saggy baggy skin, photo aging Increases skin smoothness, elasticity & radiance
Increases skin cell renewal, Increases blood flow

Decreases cellulite Improves Ventilatory Threshold 12 – 30%
Improves Genetic expression by up to 31% in 100% of people tested.

This improves 5 key areas of health
1. Cardiovascular Health & arterial elasticity
2. Digestive Health & the ability to create digestive enzymes
3. Proper Immune response
4. Proper inflammatory response
5. Hormone Modulation
Over 16,000 published studies on on redox signaling
Journals devoted to the science of Redox Signaling
Over 1200 books written on Redox Signaling
One of the fastest growing areas of research in the area of health science.
Cornell University, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, University of South Carolina have been given grants by the National Institutes of Health to study Redox biology.
Binary Hybrid Compensation Plan
Profit sharing paid back to associates
Privately held company
Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah USA
Turned down a huge offer from a pharmaceutical company to insure that this discovery got into the hands of people globally.

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Val Walters

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